2009 Independent Publisher Book Awards Bronze Medal Award Winner

2009 Irwin Award Winner   Best NonFiction   

J.B. Simms, an experienced private detective, weaves a troubling saga of deceit, cover up and corruption within the criminal justice system.

  1. -Geoffrey P. Alpert

Professor University of South Carolina

A devastating indictment of the Columbia SC legal establishment.

- Joel Skousen

Editor, World Affairs Brief

In September, 2000, a prominent Columbia dentist was killed while riding his bicycle at 5:45 a.m. on a quiet road in the South Carolina capital city. The police quickly fabricated a story for the press, but an unexpected witness approached the wife of the deceased and created havoc for the authorities.

This is the story of how law enforcement, prosecutors, attorneys, judges (including a former SC Supreme Court Chief Justice), committed criminal acts as they coerced, threatened and intimidated  an innocent man.  Once the initial suspect was found to be a former law enforcement officer, the cover-up ensued.  The cover-up continued to the SC Supreme Court Disciplinary Committee, where reports of malpractice against all attorneys were ignored.

This story is also one of betrayal by five attorneys for the defendant, attempts by attorneys to have the defendant sign false documents (suborning perjury, a crime), contaminating evidence, and refusal to release subpoenaed documents and statements written by law enforcement.   This story is made possible by the private investigator, J.B. Simms, who stood alongside his client to fight the corrupt and criminal public officials, ultimately sacrificing his professional career in the process.

Don’t Get Arrested in South Carolina is not only a lesson in perseverance;  it shows each step of the criminal justice system, from the scene of the crime, the arrest, the criminal acts committed by the public officials, plea agreements, bail bonding, and how public officials control the media.   This story is a blueprint of public corruption, and could be replicated in all communities unless there are persons to make a stand.


by J.B. Simms

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